What are you really buying when you purchase a custom wood floor or a floor refinish?

At Phillips’ Floors, we believe that you are purchasing workmanship. In reality, only a small portion of the cost is in materials. We, of course, use fine quality materials, but we feel our major advantage is in our workmanship. Our installers and finishers have years of experience within the industry, and with our company. In fact, our average crew leader has 8 years experience. 

We also provide our technicians with the best tools available, starting with our top quality Ultimate dust containment system. This is no Shop Vac dragging behind the sander- it is a first rate dust collection system attached to a high strength, gas powered, truck mounted vacuum. It’s designed to ensure that your post-finishing clean-up is as painless as possible while removing the toxic chemicals that are generated from re-sanding previously finished wood.

Demanding the best people and the best equipment can sometimes make our prices seem slightly higher than the competition, but we strongly feel that our customers deserve and expect first rate quality and customer service. It’s why we feel confident when we promise that - “We Stand Behind What You Stand On”
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