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SmartPlank offers a remarkable range of character in both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Select your options in the comfort of your own home, and request a quote, or visit our SmartPlank design center at our indianola showroom. You can also request up to 3 free custom samples of SmartPlank flooring in order to find the perfect combination for your home.

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The Ultimate In Customizability

Choose not only the style, but the individual layers that make up your flooring.

SmartPlank Customizable Layers


Select the thickness that best suits your interior space. Consider your interior finishes and the thicknesses of other floor coverings adjacent to your wood floor when selecting the thickness of your Smartplank floor. Smartplank offers custom moldings to properly finish your project, but it is always best to select a thickness that creates minimal change between floor coverings. Choose up to 3 different thicknesses for your flooring.
SmartPlank Thickness Choices
SmartPlank Length Choices


SmartPlank comes in a range of mixed lengths allowing you to choose between standard or longer average lengths. The random lengths create a hardwood floor that has the same appearance as solid hardwood flooring. Many engineered hardwood floors have fixed lengths. This creates visual repetition which is similar to resilient and laminate flooring. Many believe that increasing plank lengths adds richness to the overall visual.


Design trends are pushing the width of boards wider for a more luxurious feel. Customize the width of your floors from 3" to 8". SmartPlank even offers the option for mixed widths.  Because of the quality, dimensional stability and technology of Smartplank engineered products, wider widths can be used in any interior application.
SmartPlank Width Choices
SmartPlank Species Choices


Besides the overall look, different species also boast different hardness ratings. Pick between 10 different species of wood to find the perfect balance between look and hardness for your lifestyle and design.


Whether you're looking for a more natural style, or are wishing to have your floor stained a particular color, Smartplank can create the perfect look for your home! On top of wood species, you also get the option of 19 different stain colors.
SmartPlank Color Choices
SmartPlank Finish Choices

Texture & Finish

Once you pick the perfect species and stain color, you can break it down even further by choosing different types of textures and finishes. To bring additional depth to your floor's design you can pick among unique textures including smooth, band sawn, circle sawn, light wire brush, medium wire brush, heavy wire brush, Amish hand scrape, and time-worn hand scrape. Then, to protect your flooring, choose between 8 different top layer finishes. Finally, select one of 3 edge treatments for your floors.

The SmartPlank App

Hardwood floors can expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity which can lead to potential damage. Protect your investment with Smartplank technology. SmartPlank floors come with built in sensors to detect moisture changes between your wood floors and the underlying subfloor. With the SmartPlank app, you can get notified of drastic humidity changes before it begins to damage your floors.

If you are planning to use in-floor heat, Smartplank is the obvious choice. Hardwood flooring companies are reluctant to endorse in-floor heating systems for use with their products. The concern is that homeowners may turn up the heat too far too fast. The result is the heating element gets too hot and basically cooks the moisture out of the floor. The result is an eventual failure of the hardwood floor. Smartplank technology will pick up this issue and warn you before damage can occur.
Monitor your floors with the SmartPlank App
SmartPlank App
SmartPlank App
SmartPlank App