Finishing or refinishing your Flooring – What to Expect

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Thank you for contacting Phillips’ Floors, Inc. for your flooring estimate. After your measurement is complete, your salesperson will complete a quote for your review. Outlined below is important information about the installation process. It will help you understand what to expect before, during, and after your refinishing project.

Scope of work:
Phillips’ Floors, Inc. cannot remove existing vinyl flooring if it contains asbestos. Your salesperson will take a sample and have it tested prior to any tear out is performed. This is an additional charge.
The installer is required to take moisture meter readings prior to refinishing to ensure moisture is within the industry standards.
Please note that some stains or discolorations on existing floors (especially water, solvent or urine damage) may not come out with sanding, as some of these can discolor the wood all the way through.
Phillips’ Floors, Inc. will use our Ultimate Dust Containment System to contain the amount of dust created during the sanding process. Please be aware that does not mean there will be no dust in the home. A final cleaning by the homeowner will be necessary.
The removal of existing flooring can be very, very dusty as well. It is our policy to hang plastic at doorways to adjacent areas, but it is not always possible to control the travel of dust into the rest of the home.  
Once finishing process is started, no traffic can be on the floor until the work is completed and has thoroughly dried.
Phillips’ Floors recommends that people and pets stay out of the home if possible during the refinishing process, particularly if you have any health issues or respiratory sensitivities.
Once the finish is dry, walk sock footed for three days. 72 hours after the finish is dry, furniture can be replaced and pets can walk on the floor. Area rugs can be put back into place after seven days. 
If area rugs tend to slide around, Phillips’ Floors recommends using rubber mesh rug pads (with holes in it to allow the floor to breathe).
Rubber back rugs are not advised due to the lack of air flow through the rug to the wood floor. This will cause significant color change and/or damage to the floor.
The smell from the finish can linger in the home for a while. Changing furnace filters and opening windows to allow fresh air in will help eliminate these smells faster.
It is required that the home has 220V electrical hook-up for the sanding equipment. This can be obtained through a stove or washer outlet.
Normally, new base shoe installation or removal and re-installation of existing base shoe are required to hide the edges of the flooring.
Please advise Phillips’ Floors, Inc. of any previous floor issues such as water leaks or damage.
Unforeseen circumstances discovered once installation begins, such as damaged sub-floor, wet sub-floor, pet urine soaked carpet, insect infested carpet, unlevel or uneven sub-floors, or termite damage can cause additional charges that must be approved by the customer and will be included in your final billing.

Furniture Moving:
Phillips’ Floors, Inc. does not move furniture unless specified in the estimate at customer’s request.
Installers cannot move certain items such as antiques, electronics, pianos, pool tables, waterbeds, aquariums, safes, pin ball machines, exercise equipment, etc. Many of these items need to be professionally moved.  Installers also cannot be responsible for moving valuables, cloths, dishes, wall hangings, and other small miscellaneous items. 
Additional charges may apply for moving excessive or oversized furniture. These charges will be included in your estimate if furniture moving is requested.

Prior to day of install:
The area that is being refinished must have climate control, power, and adequate lighting a minimum of 48 hours before and after installation (windows must remain closed with air conditioning or heating system on and set to 72 degrees).
Delivery of products may be necessary and can occur up to five (5) days prior to the start date. The products must be placed in either the area in which the work will be performed or near the area (cannot be placed in a garage).
Unplug all items, disconnect and remove all electronics (computers, stereos, large screen TVs, VCR, DVD, etc).
Empty closet floors up to 3 feet high, remove items under beds, bed coverings, lamps, knick-knacks, fragile, high value, sentimental value items and antiques.
Remove glassware from china cabinets, remove books from freestanding bookcases and pictures from walls.
If there are pet soiled areas, the customer must have them cleaned prior to the installation.

Day of Install:
Phillips’ Floors, Inc. would prefer that an adult (18 years or older) be present for both the estimate and installation.
Identify for the installer any wiring (may be hidden behind moldings) in the flooring area (alarm, monitoring systems, etc).
Let installer know if you would like to keep the existing flooring (if possible) and where to put it.
Please ensure children and pets are not in the refinishing area during the installation.
Potential exists for minor scuffing of baseboards/walls.  (Note: Scuffing will be worse with new paint.) Repairs to these areas are the responsibility of the homeowner.

We look forward to serving you and will strive to exceed you expectations. If you have any concerns with your new flooring please contact our office at (515) 961-7300. You will receive a survey card with your final billing asking you to rate your salesperson, craftsmanship, and professionalism of the installers. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback so that we can continue providing our customers with the best possible service. Thank you!