Carpet Maintenance Guide

Carpet Maintenance Guide
Routine Carpet Care
• Vacuuming removes dirt that dulls appearance
• Select a vacuum with good suction and strong beater bars, which brush the carpet and loosen dirt
• Change vacuum bags and filters regularly

Long-term Carpet Care
• Treat your carpet well, and it will provide you with years of comfort and beauty
• Here are some strategies for minimizing the rough and tumble wear and tear of every day living

Clean up spills immediately. Follow directions in the Stain Removal Guide to remove colorful reminders.

Place glides under heavy furniture to combat crushing. Rotate furniture to give carpet a rest.

To prevent fading, avoid long hours of direct sunlight on carpet. Close blinds or shades periodically. Select a ligher colored carpet in sun-drenched rooms to minimize fading.

Change traffic patterns. Rotate furniture, so people have to alter their path through the room.

Outside Doors
Place doormats inside and outside of exterior doors to minimize tracking in dirt.

Spot Treatment
• Clean up spills promptly
• For specific stain removal, go to

Professional Cleaning
• Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, even if you clean them yourself in between
• Lighter shade carpet may require cleaning more often.
• Professional cleaning methods include steam cleaning (known as hot water extraction), absorbent pad or bonnet cleaning, rotary shampoo and dry foam powder.