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7 Key Considerations For Tile

Selecting a ceramic or porcelain tile can be a daunting process, particularly given that there are thousands of available options. However, there are a few key considerations that will help narrow down the process considerably: Key Considerations For Tile Floors: Shade variation Texture Color Tile size Pattern Grout line preference Ceramic or porcelain Shade Variation Do you imagine your floor to be even and consistent, random and varied, or somewhere in between? Most tiles are marked for shade variation, on the following scale. You will want to review several pieces to get a full picture of what kind of variation and color variety you can expect. V1 - Uniform Appearance Differences

Swimming Pool Made Out Carpet? See Life Guard Waterproof Carpet in Action!

If someone told you they were going to make a swimming pool out of carpet you'd probably think they were crazy. After-all, carpet doesn't have a very good history in dealing with liquids. Shaw wanted to demonstrate the waterproof nature of their Life Guard product, so that's just what they did. They built a swimming pool out of carpet. Watch the video, then scroll down for more information about this revolutionary flooring product! What is Life Guard Carpet? An innovative carpet product from Shaw which includes a patented waterproof backing. It offers an unprecedented level of

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Should you choose Solid Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood Flooring? This is a question that our customers face every day, and to help them make an informed decision, there are a few key questions we ask: Where are you putting the flooring and is there a wood subfloor in that area? This is an important one. We do not recommend (and will not install) solid wood flooring directly to concrete. There are various plywood/sleeper systems that we can use over concrete to enable a good install, but these come with height and transition limitations depending on the home, as most of these systems
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